Taxi Bookings Made Simple

CabGo is a virtual operator and dispatch system designed specifically for the taxi industry.  Minimise your overheads and maximise your profits by using our intuitive digital CabGo application to manage all your driver and passenger needs.

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No Operator Needed

At CabGo we have many decades of experience in the industry. We can think and act like operators, drivers and passengers and have specifically designed our application to reduce costs, increase efficiency and exceed expectations - every time. Requiring only a smart phone, our intuitive digital GPS phone system identifies each call or booking location and routes every enquiry to the closest available driver with no need for costly operators.

Built for your company

Built for your company CabGo can be branded with your logo and contact information and tailored specifically for your local area and existing passenger base.

Card Payments

Secure, integrated card payment services. All terminals are wireless, Contactless and Apple pay. We have fixed brackets for terminals and all our products are TFL approved. Card payment revenue share available.

Manage pre-bookings

CabGo drivers will be able to manage future bookings. Simply go to the pre-booked job page. Secure any future jobs and receive a booking reminder

Available on Android and iOS

Download the CabGo app free from the App Store or Google play. Our free, user friendly app is available for your iPhone or Android device.

No contract

It's simple, no contract just pay as you go. We'll offer you a job and you just decide if you want to accept it or not. It couldn't be easier.

Experience the Taxi revolution with CabGo. Enjoy the ride.